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Product Description

Made of 100% all Premium natural and organic soothing and healing ingredients such as organic beeswax, african shea butter, coconut butter, vitamin E, & grape seed oils. We also only add the best natural essentials to help in the protection of your skin and tattoo as it promotes healing as well as having a natural soothing effect. 

Our Tattoo Ointment balm is always Lanolin and Petroleum Free.
This Hand Crafted Premium Natural Tattoo Ointment Balm will sooth your skin as it protects and promotes fast healing.  
Miner's Premium Tattoo Ointment Balm will help you protect your Tattoo, It also helps keep it from becoming itchy and flaky, plus promotes healing as it soothes the skin. With the amazing ingredients of beeswax, african shea butter, coconut butter, vitamin E, & Grape seed oils. Miner's Beard Tattoo Ointment Balm has also hasall the important natural powerful healing essential oils your Tattoo will need to feel soothed protected and heal effectively.
You can't go wrong with Miner's Tattoo Ointment Balm. 
Be True To Your Tattoo With Miner's Beard Tattoo Ointment Balm!

Tattoo Ointment Balm Natural Healing Soothing Cream Aftercare Protection 2 oz

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